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Mindfulness: A Key to Personal and Professional Resilience

Do you dread your next meeting with your client, co-worker or manager? Are you working on constantly aggressive and thankless deadlines? Do you feel like your brain is churning out to-do lists at lightning speed that is almost impossible to catch up with? All these are reflective of accumulation of chronic stress in the body, which, over time results in fatigue, reduced productivity and eventually, loss of passion. In this interactive session, the audience will gain insight into stress management at two levels- 1) self-discovery: understand one’s own drivers, triggers, passions and purpose- and

2) Self-care: mindfulness techniques to reduce the fight-or-flight responses.
Learn about:

- Role of self-awareness in self-care in building resilience

- Five drivers of meaningful work and life

- Mindfulness activities to identify our internal and external stressors and nurture meaningful relationships.

An Integrated Business PMO: Building Processes and Engaging People for Organizational Success

A mature Business Project, Program or Portfolio Management Office serves as a center for excellence for organizational strategy implementation as well as Leadership Culture exemplification. This webinar will focus on two domains elements of business success

1) Building project tracking and risk assessment dashboards as a robust communication mechanism across Projects, programs and portfolios.

2) Investing in the currency of business success- its people- developing self-aware leaders who bring out the best in their teams

Strengths-Based Teams: Fostering collaboration in a competitive workplace

We spend about 40% of our waking hours working or thinking about it. The impact of burnout on our lives is significant. Between working passionately vs working under chronic stress towards a deadline, which one is likely to have long term performance success? In your answer lies the solution. It is myth that stress transpires growth. It does bring about the sense of urgency when we procrastinate, but that is not growth. In this workshop, discover the power of strengths based teams for sustained performance. This webinar will provide insights into:

1) The anatomy of peace at workplaces

2) Understanding the fundamentals of strengths-based team performance

3) Making constructive feedback work (Hint: It all begins with trust)

4) Maintaining a collaborative spirit in a competitive world